Which Diet Regime is the Best? GM Diet v/s Master Cleanse v/s Diamond Diet

With so many options available in the market to lose weight or to maintain health, it is difficult to favor any particular diet regime and go against another. However, despite of huge variety, there are some famous diet plans that are widely adopted by the health conscious people in order to achieve the respected goals. Such as Diamond diet, GM Diet and the master cleanse diet. Being unique in its nature every regime has its own pros and cons which need to be considered, before execution. Here are a few merits and demerits discussed in detail in following any diet regime.


Sticking to a regimen after observing the actual results of it, keeps you in a healthy state if followed as per suggested. Two days in a week staying restricted to the unhealthy foods work very well in maintaining your weight.


 The days when you are not following the regimen does not mean that you are allowed to eat without any limits. You certainly need to keep a check on it. However, once you will skip following the particular diet plan, there are chances of gaining weight over again.

So, there are both the benefits and the drawbacks of following any diet plan which need to be checked properly. Here’s a discussion revealing all the positive and negative sides of the master cleanse diet, the diamond diet and the GM diet helping you figure out the perfect one for you.

GM Diet:

The GM Diet plan has been in execution for several years, but still people question about the effectiveness of this diet. According to the experiments and the researches it is one of the sites helping its followers reduce weight quickly. As it is a detoxification plan, it helps remove the toxins from your body and thus shedding off the extra weight. While normal diet plans target of reducing 1 pound per week, GM Diet help reduce up to 10 lbs in a week.

Any follower may start following it for quick weight loss, but there are maximum chances of getting overwhelmed and putting on weight with the double pace of losing it.

The Master Cleanse Diet

As the name suggests, the particular diet plan targets to cleanse your system by taking only liquid food throughout the day. It basically consists of lemon juice, cocktail of water, maple syrup and cayenne syrup. Additional drinks like salty sea water, green tea, etc. work as laxatives and help cleanse the toxins from your body. However, the diet is not allowed to be followed for a long time. You can jump on it after a certain period of time in order to maintain the healthy state. In a nutshell, following it regularly at once may not affect you initially, but the after results can be really harmful and hazardous in fact.

The diamond diet:

The diamond diet also known as the fit for life diet is a plan that focuses on taking the right combination of food rather than concentrating on the caloric intake. The diet suggests the various foods that shall be taken together and restrict some particular food combinations which help maintain the health. The diet literally has no concern with the portion size or the calorie value in the meal you are taking. However, this diet regime has been disapproved by many, so it depends whether it is suitable for your body or not. 

Consequently, every diet plan, be it GM Diet, the master cleanse diet or the diamond diet has its own advantages and disadvantages of following it. So, it depends from person to person which one is suitable for you according to your goals. However, having a good knowledge and cross checking the pros and cons of every regime as mentioned above in the blog can be a great help to choose the one.

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