Weight watchers Diet- A Unique Weight Loss Program

Establishment and Historical Background of Weight watchers Diet

The weight watchers diet program came into existence in the year 1960 when a group of friends sat together to discuss the effective way to lose weight. Since then, the weight loss diet plan occupied a major place among the worthy weight loss plans. Observing the results coming out of this plan, around one million people started following it, reveal the recent studies. This diet program laid stress on helping people lose weight without taking many pains. And, this became the foremost reason that this diet plan made its place in the top weight loss programs and even earned 2013 Best diet by U. S news and world Report.

Aim of Weight Watchers Diet – Weight Loss Program:

The particular diet aims to make its followers physically strong and healthy by adopting a healthy lifestyle. This gluten free diet suggests a plan helping its members stay motivated and achieve their respective goals. The plan is unique as it has by now helped almost every follower get the desired shape and health. It helps you with different tools and knowledge and assist you lose weight.

What’s Unique about Watcher’s Diet?

No doubt, there must be something unique in this plan that made it win ‘The Best Diet” in 2013. Now the question arises, what? The diet actually has studied throughout that no food is off-limits. Self-control can be the key to get the desired figure. And, this is the basic reason that it has not included in its plan the task of stopping you from eating your favorite food. While, it allows you calm down your cravings, fulfill your hunger and still lose weight. Hence, it enjoys being favorite of the losers because it allows them eat what they want and shed off extra weight at the same time.

The Widening area of Weight Watchers diet:

Since, the diet plan had something unique and effective in it, the founders trusted their plans and gave a thought to make it reach more and more people. They tried modern methods and brought it to a next level. However, the plans kept on getting successful and the specific diet plan made a firm grip among the top weight loss plans.

Weight Watchers Company

Weight Watchers did not remain limited to a diet plan only, but to make it successful, it came up with the evolution of the Weight Watchers Company in 1963 in the United States. The company was founded by Brooklyn homemaker Jean Nidetch, who involved different food products in the plan to lose weight. The company got successful in offering people the best services and today, is running in around 30 countries all over the world where people know it with the name in their respective native languages. The philosophical approaches of the Weight watchers were to give weight losing a scientific approach and motivate people indulge in smart eating and introducing exercise plans to live a healthy life.

Follow Weight Watchers Online

The biggest achievement that this company made with this diet plan was arranging the meetings and telling people the ways to lose weight and stay smart. The all time supportive team advanced to support its followers through online mediums as well. To make it more accessible the Weight watchers have also launched an app, guiding its followers to achieve their health goals.

Weight Watchers Diet- Based on the Allotted Points

This diet plan is literally based on numbering. You will be allotted some numbers on a daily basis. It is up to you that how you use those points and stick to the gluten free diet. If you take a fast food meal, you are likely to use all your points in a single meal. However, you require making healthy choices and blending it with your favorite meal. The height, weight, gender and age are the basic four factors according to which the numbers are allotted. This plan actually helps to count your calorie intake and stay conscious.

 The Reason it works:

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference”, said Robert Frost which stands true for this diet plan too. To elaborate, you are identified if you have made dissimilar choices. The common road leads to a common platform only. And, it’s the unique nature of weight watchers diet that has made it stand among others and is one of the strong reasons it works.

 Now that you know, almost everything about Weight watchers diet plan and is efficiency, it’s time to follow the diet    plan and get the desired results. So, here’s the plan along with the smart points allotted by weight watchers.

Weight Watchers 7 Day Diet Plan

Day 1:                          

Breakfast – Fruity Granola

You can have fruity Granola in your breakfast. Serve around 40g granola with low-fat yogurt or 150ml skimmed milk. Top it with berries and relish it.


Take some low fat mayonnaise, vegetables of your choice, 1 tablespoon lemon, 1 chopped garlic clove and half tablespoon Worcestershire sauce to make a fine dressing. Use cabbage and other fresh vegetables and sprinkle the on the Caesar salad.

Dinner – Baked Mediterranean COD

Heat  around 200g chopped tomatoes with 2 tablespoon of tomato puree, fresh thyme leaves and one chopped garlic clove for 10 minutes until it turns slightly thick.

Pour the thick mixture into an ovenproof dish and put 1table spoon capers, black olives and balsamic vinegar in it.

Then add 125g cod fillet and bake them for around 15 minutes.

Day 2:


Heat half tablespoon olive oil in a pan

Put half tablespoon sliced mushroom in it and stir it for a couple of minutes.

Then add a handful of spinach and stir it until it starts getting soft.

Then add some low fat cheese and just a pinch of grated nutmeg.

Once the mixture is ready. keep it on one side and heat half tablespoon oil in another frying pan.

Now add two medium sized beaten eggs to and let it cook

While it is cooking spread the mushroom and spinach mixture on half part of the omelet and fold it.

The omelet is ready to be served.

 Lunch – Crustless vegetable Quiche

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees.

Sauté onion and garlic on low heat, till the color changes for about 4 minutes.

Done with that add diced broccoli, zucchini, sun dried tomatoes and keep sautéing it for 2 minutes.

Now, whisk together the eggs and the egg whites in a bowl, milk, spices and one-fourth of the parmesan cheese. Spray a 9” pie dish and add all the sautéed vegetables in it.

Cover the dish with the foil and bake it for around 10 minutes in the preheated oven at 425 degrees, Reduce the heat to 350 while baking and continue it for 20-25 minutes. Remove the foil for last few minutes and sprinkle the parmesan cheese over it. Your quiche is ready if the knife inserted comes out clean.

Dinner: Veggie burger and corn on the cob

Set up the grill over medium heat (350° to 450°F) for direct cooking.

Mash the low-calorie butter ingredients in a small bowl and stir to dispense the seasonings equally.

Spread the corn very lightly with 1 to 2 teaspoons of the butter mixture.

Brush the cooking frame clean. Then close the lid and Grill the corn over direct medium heat until it turns brown in spots and becomes soft for around 12-15 minutes, turning it occasionally. Add the mixture to the veggie burger and grill it. Serve it warm.

Day 3:

Breakfast – Skinny Berry Parfait

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Mix oats, cinnamon, and almonds in a medium bowl. Stir the mixture in liquefied coconut oil to combine with other ingredients. Now spread oats evenly on the cookie sheet and bake it for 20 minutes or until it turns golden. Once, done with this leave it for 10 minutes and then stir it. Let it cool completely.

You can add your favorite berries or nuts to make it tastier.


Grate half an orange and add its zest to 40g dry whole wheat couscous along together with the juice of   half orange.                

Boil some water and add it to the mixture. Soak it for 10 minutes.

Then slice another half of the orange, a slice a cucumber and add to couscous. Also, add grated carrot, a spring onion and 50-55g of faked smoked mackerel fillet.


Take some skinless chicken breast and pan-fry it in 1table spoon olive oil for 20-25 minutes. Keep on turning it until it turns golden or is cooked thoroughly.

Add some chopped tomatoes to it and cook for around three minutes.

Then add 1 tablespoon pesto and half reduced fat crème Fraiche to make a sauce.

Finally, squeeze some lemon and serve it with fresh and vegetables, salad or basil.

Day 4 –


Make a smoothie using around 200 ml of skimmed milk, apricots and oats in a limited quantity.

Lunch – Thin Crust Pear & Gorgonzola Pizza

Preheat the oven to 350°F. Then spread a flatbread on the cookie sheet and bake it for 2 minutes. Then remove the bed from there and top it with cheese, peacans, and pears. After adding it, bake it for more 4 minutes. Now, whisk together oil and vinegar in a small bowl. Remove the bread from the oven and top it with green or colored balsamic mixture.

Dinner –

Rinse the chicken and then make it dry properly. Wipe the outer of the chicken with olive oil. Blend the spices and spread it on the outside of the chicken. Now, keep chopped garlic in the cavity and sprinkle a little bit more salt and pepper. Place celery, then chickens on top, keeping the breast side up and add water to the slow cooker. Adding celery actually stops chicken from too much browning on the bottom.

Cover and cook it for around 6 hours or until it is tendered. Try piercing in it with a knife or fork to check out if it is ready. If you want extra brown chicken, take away the chicken from slow cooker carefully and roast it in a pan until you get the desired color. Garnish it with fresh thyme or as you wish.

Day 5:


Place halved 1kg ripe tomatoes in an ovenproof dish.

Spray 1tsp olive oil and some dried oregano over them

Bake the mixture in a hot oven until you find four wells around the tomatoes.

Once you find those walls, crack an egg into every well and then again keep it in the oven for around 10 minutes.


Cook farfalle pasta. Drain it and let it cool.

Take some fat-free natural yogurt and use it for dressing. Use some chopped vegetables, lemon juice, and a few capers.

Add 70-80 gm of cooked king prawns to the pasta. Some finely cut tomatoes, lemon zest, some watercress, chopped spring onion and spray some salt and pepper according to taste. Add the yogurt dressing and serve.

Add the prepared yogurt dressing and serve it.


Cook a sliced courgette, a few asparagus spears, a red pepper in a heated pan toss it in ½tsp olive oil and 1tsp balsamic vinegar until it tenders. .

Take half tablespoon olive oil and brush it on 150g lean fillet steak. Then rub fresh rosemary on each side of it.

Cook the steak in the pan and serve it with the vegetables or salad

Day 6:


Take 125 gm plain flour, an egg adds 300ml skimmed milk to make a pancake batter. Remove the pith from orange and grapefruit and cut a few some segments of it.

Put them all in a bowl and stir in with 2 tablespoons of honey.

Then cook eight pancakes in 2 tablespoons of oil.

Serve the pancakes topped with fruits.


Take a tortilla wrap and place it on the baking sheet. Top it with 3 tablespoons of tomato puree, grated mozzarella, sliced tomato and dried herbs.

Do seasoning with black pepper and halved black olives. Bake it for around eight minutes and let it turn crispy. Serve it with fresh basil.


Cook a limited quantity of potatoes, add some green beans during last two minutes and then drain them.

Then finely chop a tomato and blend it with 1 tablespoon of capers, some black olives, half tablespoon olive oil, chopped fresh parsley, half tablespoon whole grain mustard and half squeezed lemon juice.

Take half tablespoon oil, brush a 125g tuna steak on it and cook in a grilling pan to your liking.

To that tomato mix, add some potatoes and beans.

Serve it with a wedge of lemon.

Day 7:


Boil a skinless 175g smoked haddock bone for six minutes until the flesh is thick.

Steam an egg, simultaneously.

Sink a handful of spinach in the boiling water in a strainer and press it with a spoon to remove the excessive water.

Keep the spinach on the bottom of the haddock and egg, season it with black pepper and serve it.


Fry sliced spring onion, chopped courgette and some diced green beans in half tablespoon olive oil in a pan. Put in 425ml of vegetable stock and dried herbs in it.

Let it boil and then simmer for two minutes.

Add 30g pasta and simmer until it is cooked, then add 40g peas for the last minute.

Serve with 2tsp green pesto.


Mix together 100g lean finely chopped meat, mashed garlic, fresh rosemary, ½tsp oregano and 25g light feta.

Form a patty. Grill the burger until cooked.

Serve with salad and or cherry tomatoes, a couple of chopped black olives, sliced spring onion, a splatter of red wine vinegar, 1tsp olive oil, and fresh parsley.

Now, try out this seven-day weight watchers diet and notice the difference.

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