Subway diet: A healthy Fast Food Diet for Weight Loss

Evolution of Subway Diet:

The subway fast food franchise started an advertising operation called subway diet when Jared Fogle wrote to the subway that he lost half of the weight of his body and turned 86 kgs from 180 kgs. He revealed that he ate nothing but only the subway products daily and included a walk in his daily routine. Getting this response, the subway invited doctor associates to have confirmation about the diet’s effectiveness. Finding the positive results of the enquiry, subway introduced small and reasonable subway meals assisting in weight loss.

An overview of Subway:

Subway is basically a renowned fast food brand having its outlets in almost every corner. The 6 or 12-inch subs are their staples with a variety of health fillings. The brand has earned a great name within a short period of time due to its healthy meal options. The subway markets its products as low-fat meals which are obviously true. While you wish to eat healthy fast food, Subway is a better option for you.

Subway Diet:

The subway diet introduced by Jared Fogle made many people follow it and achieve their weight loss goals. The subway meal actually means taking calories and energy y from a 6-inch sub and the vegetable salad filling. Subway is undoubtedly a diet cooked for you, giving priority to your weight loss goals. The wide variety of veggies and the salads available give you an open choice to prepare your healthy sub. Remember, if it is for weight loss, you are not going to add mayonnaise, cheese or extra spice in your sub. Also, go for a 6-inch sub as it will keep the intake balanced.

After knowing what subway diet is let us know, what quantity and what stuff it shall contain. Let’s pay a look at Jared’s Subway meal of the day:

Subway Meal plan:

Jared’s meal plan had mainly two options

Meal Plan 1:                   

Breakfast: Small bowl of cereal with skimmed milk. Black coffee with sweetener.

Lunch: Turkey Subway Sandwich. Diet Pepsi.

Dinner: Vegetarian Subway Sandwich. Water.

Snacks: Apple, orange, water.

Meal Plan 2

Breakfast: Coffee

Lunch: A 6 inch Turkey Sub + potato chips (baked)

Dinner: A 12-inch veggie Sub

Though this crash diet supports a healthy figure achievement, but it has also got some drawbacks. So, before following this rapid weight loss diet plan, let us know the pros and cons of Subway diet.

Subway Diet Advantages:

• Healthier fast food meal.

• Subway food shops available on every corner.

• Disclosing Nutritional value trend of the subway, aware you about the exact calorie intake for you.

• Variety for vegans

• Reasonable meals.

• Promoting baked chips, yogurt and diet sodas for weight loss

Subway Diet Disadvantages:

• The diet may turn heavy for your pocket as a daily requirement.

• You have to maintain your diet chart on your own, may lack full on support from Subway.

• You need to avoid the smell of baked chips.

Subway Meal Success Ground:

If someone bothers to find out the success ground of subway meal, it is very simple. Jared achieved losing around 100 kgs within a period of 18 months. He simply had the desired healthy calories on a daily basis from Subway sub and diet sodas. The diet accompanied with exercise made him achieve his health goal which evolved the subway diet plan.

The achievement turned Jared into an author and he published numerous books, speaking about the subway diet and its success. So, read them and lose more effectively. Start with his most popular: “Jared, the Subway Guy: Winning through Losing: 13 Lessons for Turning Your Life Around”.

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